NuGrow is one of Australia’s leading full service recycling and re-vegetation innovators. Here is their approval from local government and their Site Based Management Plan. According to the NuGrow website: “NuGrow’s Kogan facility primarily accepts green waste, CSG muds and fluids, food waste, effluent, bio solids and manures. These are recycled into land additives or NuGrow’s high-grade compost.”

Click to download: ECM_3034179_v2_Approval Negotiated Decision Notice Development Ap

The NuGrow facility, Kogan, Queensland, 2018

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  1. Alf Lucas Reply

    At the present rate of destruction and contamination of our productive agricultural lands, the time is drawing closer to a revolution by the people. A point will be reached when sensible law abiding citizens won’t be pushed any further. It’s happened throughout history and it will happen again. It will be at that time that the politicians are held accountable and their pathetic lies and corruption truly exposed.
    Hopefully this happens before the damage is irreversible. For all the advances in civilisation we still don’t understand the concept of guardianship of the environment in perpetuity. Greed, power and the quick $€£ seem to be the only values held by the elected officials.
    Viva la Revolution 🇦🇺

    • admin Reply

      We are not aware that NuGrow facility has approval to receive salts (crystallised brine) that is produced as a result of the treatment process.

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