You too can support the people of North West NSW:

  • Write submissions – see below
  • Attend events
  • Donate to fund volunteers’ compliance monitoring, printing, travel, media/online costs and GIPA investigations.
    North West Protection Advocacy BSB: 932 000 ACC: 756 905
  • Volunteer your expertise. Please Contact Us
  • Host a film screening – Contact Us for resources
  • Switch to a renewable electricity provider – tell your previous provider why you left
  • Replace gas appliances with electric
  • Install renewable energy

Write Submissions

  • Any person or organisation can lodge a submission to a parliamentary committee
  • You can write a brief letter or a substantial research paper
  • You can attach supporting documents
  • Submissions must be relevant to the terms of reference so use these as headings
  • You only need to address those issues that are relevant to you
  • Form submissions are counted as one, so write your own
  • If friends don’t have time to write their own, offer to do it for them. Ask them about their main concerns, write their submission and email it to them to edit and provide the address to send it to.

NSW Upper House – Guide to writing submissions

Narrabri Gas Project

The Narrabri Gas Project will soon be referred to the Independent Planning Commission (IPC), the last phase of the assessment process before a recommendation then final determination.

The IPC is likely to call for submissions about the project. When that happens, we’ll all need to respond to the call! Subscribe to news updates to learn the date of the IPC and receive a submission guide. Over 22,000 submissions initially objected to this project. Will the same or more object again?

You can brush up on the Environmental Impact Statement and other material about the gasfield on the Major Projects website.

A submission guide will be available below after all reports and assessments are on the website.

In the meantime go to Narrabri Gas Project to access information and start writing your submission.