Dr Methuen Morgan Presentation Narrabri – Click to Download

Dr Methuen Morgan – PhD

Psychologist, University of New England

Methuen currently lectures in the School of Psychology in the fields of Environmental Psychology and Behaviour Change. He has Bachelor degrees in Financial Administration and Arts and a PhD in Psychology. The title of his PhD thesis was ‘Striking the balance: Farmers’ responses to coal seam gas and climate change’. Methuen’s PhD thesis “Australian Farmer Responses to Coal Seam Gas Extraction Operations” has had chapters published in Journals such as the Journal of Environmental Psychology.

Methuen’s family run a large-scale farm and feedlot operation in the Condamine district in Queensland. Dealing with the CSG industry and the consequences is a familiar occurrence.

Methuen’s presentation at the Conference is based on one of his peer-reviewed published papers from his thesis titled “Fracked: Coal seam gas extraction and farmers’ mental health”. Methuen is also the co-founding Executive Director of Meralli Solar – a solar construction company specialising in providing commercial scale solar projects in rural and regional Australia. Meralli Solar uses a unique adaptable framing system which provides the most cost-effective supply of photovoltaic power in Australia today.