Our Aim is to provide advocacy and assist with community engagement and monitoring services to help landowners and community members who are already or may be impacted by invasive mining and gas pipeline activities. Our goal is to act now with strength and strategic planning.

We Aim to protect and preserve our natural assets such as groundwater, the Great Artesian Basin, food security, forests, farms, Indigenous cultural heritage and values, flora and fauna. Our long term goal is a NSW Gas Ban (just like Victoria) and a coal free future.

We Seek environmental justice, aiming to uphold and improve our existing environmental laws and preserve intergenerational equity (leave more for our kids, not less).

Our Mission is to provide urgently needed on the ground practical assistance and advocacy for communities under threat. We will share our expertise, experience and skills to support vulnerable communities faced with the onslaught of Coal Seam Gas, major coal expansions and the linked industrial intensification they entail.

NWPA Members have continually proven how beneficial the relationships between farming communities and committed environmentalists can be by effectively halting the CSG industry in NSW for many years.

Our account is open for donations: Every single dollar that is given to us allows our volunteers to continue the essential work of protecting the north-west. All contributions, large or small, are very much appreciated.

North West Protection Advocacy BSB: 932 000 ACC: 756 905

When we finally get a weekend of rain during the worst drought in recorded history should coal mines be allowed to pump.

Out of control. NSW Dept of Planning Resources Branch have been referred to as wizards (https://independentaustralia.net/environment/environment-display/the-wizards-of-bridge-street-inside-the-nsw-planning-department,8541 ) but are they more like cowboys when reading the Whitehaven Coal water harvesting story? @RobStokesMP #nswpol @AdamSearleMLC #planning #mining https://www.northerndailyleader.com.au/story/6547204/mine-pipeline-backflip-reeks-of-easier-to-seek-forgiveness-than-permission/ https://twitter.com/wandoinc/status/1217915318753906689

Wando Conservation & Cultural Centre Inc@WandoInc

@davesgas @NRAR @NSWDPIE @NSWOmbo @RobStokesMP ../ @NRAR “only advisory”- given the #water access Regulator’s stated low confidence, an Environmental Impact Assessment was called for. @NSWDPIE has aided and abetted Whitehaven Coal gaining a substantial advantage by evading due Planning processes. #ICAC #MaulesCreek

Ten years of missed opportunities – Echonetdaily Mining and Murdoch maintained their vice-like grip on Australian politics and the minds of the masses. The rich got richer, and the poor got homeless. excerpt https://www.echo.net.au/2020/01/ten-years-missed-opportunities/#.XiDN7AsVZL8.twitter

The #water is thrown away on wealthy foreign mining companies.
Then the Govt squanders whatever we get on subsidies for other fossil fuel companies, then takes donations from these for their election campaigns!
It's a viscous circle of conservatives https://twitter.com/nwpadvocacy/status/1217671233971470336

North West Protection Advocacy@NWPAdvocacy

@blairpalese @peterjameswills @ScottMorrisonMP Australia was absolutely blessed with the natural resources needed for growth on par with our population, they've been squandered for profit and now the water has gone.

The Lucky Country is running out of luck. A great essay by @jkeaneSDN on #AustraliaBurns dark money and the decline of democracy https://www.michaelwest.com.au/out-of-luck-john-keane-on-bushfires-scott-morrison-and-the-decline-of-democracy/

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