Our Aim is to provide advocacy and assist with community engagement and monitoring services to help landowners and community members who are already or may be impacted by invasive mining and gas pipeline activities. Our goal is to act now with strength and strategic planning.

We Aim to protect and preserve our natural assets such as groundwater, the Great Artesian Basin, food security, forests, farms, Indigenous cultural heritage and values and flora and fauna.

We Seek environmental justice, aiming to uphold and improve our existing environmental laws and preserve intergenerational equity (leave more for our kids, not less).

Our Mission is to provide urgently needed, frontline, practical assistance and advocacy for communities under threat. We will share our expertise to support vulnerable communities faced with the onslaught of Coal Seam Gas, major coal expansions and the linked industrial intensification they entail.

NWPA Members have continually proven how beneficial the relationships between locals, Traditional Owners, farming communities and committed environmentalists can be by effectively halting the CSG industry in NSW for many years. Unconventional gas mining (Narrabri Gas Project) has been approved by the IPC in NSW and Queensland continues to bear the brunt of the invasive and damaging industry threatening the integrity of the Great Artesian Basin.

Join us, we are always seeking new volunteers to join us so please get in touch at northwestpa@protonmail.com and together we will help to stop further damage to country and community.

Our account is open for donations: Every single dollar that is given to us allows our volunteers to continue the essential work of protecting the north-west. All contributions, large or small, are very much appreciated.

North West Protection Advocacy BSB: 932 000 ACC: 100410577

@jmoylan2 @NWPAdvocacy The blasting cases revealed how much damage Maules Creek mine inflicts OUTSIDE mine lease. And no one at @DCCEEW is awake to it. Tom Howard SC has been worded up well by his client to scorn critically endangered ecological community at Leard Forest.@tanya_plibersek @AFCA_Forests

#CSG policy and regulation has failed miserably in Qld.

#Coexistence is heavily promoted by Govt & Industry but there are NO mutually beneficial outcomes when a gas company can cause permanent & economically crippling damage while all the risk & onus of proof rests with the…

@greekmcchic has a model #citizenscience case study and captured the theme of #CitiSci23 with a story of inspiration, impact and influence. #storytelling #miningnews #CommunityStrong

BREAKING #narrabri gas project Final Investment Decision delayed EVEN further to 2025 now and labelling an insulting sounding “unsanctioned”. Plus downgraded to 150TJ/day, not 200!!!


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