Narrabri Gas – Next Steps

The Independent Planning Commission has conditionally approved the Narrabri Gas Project. Santos has begun Phase 1 which they have stated will involve drilling 10 wells.

Phase 1 of the NGP involves ongoing exploration and appraisal activities

Prior to commencement of Phase 1, Santos is required to:

  • Have a Field Development Plan and any associated management plan, program or strategy updates approved by the Planning Secretary (Condition B5)
  • Prepare certain documents, including:
    • Field Development Protocol (Condition B2)
    • Noise Management Plan (Condition B13)
    • Biodiversity Management Plan (Condition B51)
    • Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Management Plan (Condition B59)
    • Waste Management Plan (Condition B70)
    • Rehabilitation Management Plan (Condition B83)
  • Establish certain advisory groups and committees:
    • Community Consultative Committee (Condition A22)
    • Greenhouse Gas Emissions Advisory Group (Condition B19)
    • Water Technical Advisory Group (Condition B38)
    • Biodiversity Advisory Group (Condition B50)
    • Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Advisory Group (Condition B58)
  • Conduct a Produced Salt Beneficial Reuse and Disposal Study (Condition B69)
  • Retire any ecosystem and species credit liabilities generated by the works proposed in the applicable Field Development Plan to the satisfaction of the NSW Biodiversity Conservation Trust (Condition B44)