Public Health Communiqué 2 – Time for health professionals to expose CSG risks to NSW Communities – July 2020

Public Health Communiqué 1 – Narrabri Gas Project – January 2020

A comprehensive Conference Reading List can be downloaded here – see below for full text and links.

NSW Health Submission to the Narrabri Gas Project EIS – Download PDF

Gunnedah Basin Health Impact Assessment Proposal – September 2014 – Download PDF

180717_Narrabri CCC HNE Health Presentation

Reading List

Speaker Publications – in order of appearance

Dr Geralyn McCarron

Air Pollution and human health hazards: a compilation of air toxins acknowledged by the gas industry in Queensland’s Darling Downs

Unconventional natural gas development: economic salvation or looming public health disaster?

Symptomatology of a gas field

Queensland authorities urged to to act on health concerns about coal seam gas emissions

Mrs Shay Dougall

Information and Preparation for Landholders who may be approached by CSG Companies or may have infrastructure near by

Dr Methuen Morgan

Fracked: Coal seam gas extraction and farmers’ mental health

Rural people’s responses to environmental stress

Professor Melissa Haswell

Understanding and responding to the potential health and wellbeing risks associated with unconventional gas mining in Australia

Health concerns associated with unconventional gas mining in Western Australia: a critical review

Health concerns associated with unconventional gas mining in rural Australia by Professor Melissa Haswell-Elkins and Anna Bethmont, MPH, Research and teaching support officer

Dewhurst & Bibblewindi Expansion public meeting presentation–presentations-tabled/42-dr-melissa-haswell–doctors-for-the-environmentpdf.pdf

Chief Scientist CSG report leaves health concerns unanswered by Drs Melissa Haswell & David Sherman

Haswell, Melissa – 1 August 2017 Darwin Hearing Submission;

Government Publications

Coal seam gas in the Tara region: Department of Health Summary risk assessment of health complaints and environmental monitoring data – March 2013 (see paper under Queensland Experience critiquing the methodology used)

Farmer’s perceptions of coexistence between agriculture and large scale coal seam gas development

GISERA: Human health and CSG development: a framework to investigate possible health effects

Gunnedah Basin Health Impact Assessment Proposal – September 2014

NSW Health Submission to the Narrabri gas Project EIS

Queensland Experience & Santos EIS Expert Submissions

A novel model to estimate the impact of Coal Seam Gas extraction on agro-economic returns

CSG Health Impacts – Dr W Somerville

Hazards To Health (Chapter 26 from The Sacrifice Zone)

Hydraulic Fracturing in Coal Seam Gas Mining: The Risks to Our Health, Communities, Environment and Climate – Prepared by: Dr Mariann Lloyd-Smith and Dr Rye Senjen

National Toxics Network Submission to the People’s Permanent Tribunal on Human Rights and Unconventional Gas February 2018

National Toxics Network Submission – Dr Dr Mariann Lloyd-Smith – Santos Narrabri Unconventional Gas Project

NO CLEAN BILL OF HEALTH FOR CSG A Critique of the Queensland Department of Health’s Report on the Health Impacts of CSG Activities on the Tara Community

The Agri-Gas Fields of Australia: Black Soil, Food, and Unconventional Gas

The CSG arena: a critical review of unconventional gas developments and best-practice health impact assessment in Queensland, Australia

Permanent Peoples Tribunal

Black lung – white lies – Inquiry into the re-identification of Coal Workers’ Pneumoconiosis in Queensland:

Overseas Experience

Associations of unconventional natural gas development with depression symptoms and disordered sleep in Pennsylvania

Compendium of Scientific, Medical, and Media Findings Demonstrating Risks and Harms of Fracking (Unconventional Gas and Oil Extraction)

Dangerous Neighbors: Pipelines, Compressor Stations, and Environmental Injustice

GN’s Dr Brita Lundberg Gives State House Testimony on Health Concerns Around Gas Leaks

List of the Harmed
Neurodevelopmental and neurological effects of chemicals associated with unconventional oil and natural gas operations and their potential effects on infants and children

Santos Publications

Narrabri Gas Project EIS – Chaper 26 Social & Health