October 2019
Help Stop the Narrabri Gas Project

August 2019
How the Domestic Gas Market in Australia is Developing – Bruce Robertson

The Economic Impacts of Unconventional Gas – Mark Ogge

Opportunities to Transition Away from Gas to Clean Energy Sources – Nicky Ison

June 2019
Why are gas prices so high in Australia? George Wood, Lock the Gate

February 2018
Impact of unconventional gas on the human right to health – Dr Geralyn McCarron

February 2017
How does fracking work? This is about fracking shale not coal seams but it describes the fracking process and the waste water problem which is the same for both shale and coal. Shale is found at a greater depth than coal. Earthquakes occur in areas where gas is extracted from shale.

September 2016
Coal Seam Gas Waste Part 1 North West Protection Advocacy

November 2014
Anne Kennedy’s Pilliga Wilderness Society

March 2014
Well Integrity of NSW – Professor Antony Ingraffea of Cornell University

April 2011
WATER DOWN UNDER The Great Artesian Basin Story – Department of Environment

July 2008
How the Great Artesian Basin Works – Department of Environment