April 2020 – Narrabri Gas Project: Greenhouse gas claims refuted





February 2020 – The implementation of the recommendations contained in the NSW Chief Scientist’s Independent Review of Coal Seam Gas Activities in New South Wales

November 2019 – Narrabri Gas Project: Info, Myths & Facts refutes the misinformation spread by the gas industry.

October 2019 – Pegasus Economics’ Report on the Narrabri Gas Project reveals Santos’ role in the east coast gas price crisis and shows a high cost gasfield at Narrabri can’t bring down gas prices.

July 2019 – The Implications for Human Health and Wellbeing of Expanding Gas Mining in Australia by Doctors for the Environment

January 2018 Narrabri Renewables Report reveals that long-term jobs and affordable energy are available to Narrabri from renewable energy. 

September 2017 – Home Truths Report – why Santos and its partners should abandon the controversial Narrabri Gas Project.

November 2014 – Great Artesian Basin Recharge Systems and Extent of Petroleum and Gas Leases by SoilFutures Consulting Pty Ltd

July 2014 – Meat & Livestock Australia – Coal Seam Gas Operations on Live Stock Properties reveals the disadvantages of CSG on a land owner’s property