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Professor Melissa Haswell – PhD (Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, University of London)

Faculty of Health, Queensland University of Technology

Professor and Discipline Lead of Health, Safety and Environment in the School of Public Health and Social Work at Queensland University of Technology ( QUT), Course Coordinator of the Graduate Diploma of Occupational Health and Safety, and the Master of Health, Safety and Environment, Professor Haswell teaches about 100 undergraduates and 200 post graduate students a year overall and serves on PhD confirmation panels for the Faculty of Science, particularly in the field of environmental sciences and ecology.

She is experienced in professional training and presenting on unconventional gas with doctors – here’s one example in 2016 and for the Australian Medical Association in Perth in 2017.

At UNSW, from 2009-2016, she taught Master of Public Health students a unit in  Environmental Health for six years with my colleague and well known environmental epidemiologist Professor Bin Jalaludin (NSW Health). She also taught multiple sessions of Aboriginal health and environmental health to medical students for 7 seven years.

She was a researcher at the highly prestigious Queensland Institute for Medical Research for 8 years, and University of Queensland for 14 years before UNSW.

Professor Haswell has a PhD in Epidemiology from Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, University of London. It is the 8th highest ranking university in the world by the the World University Rankings and the QS World University Rankings.

She has a publications list of about 80 peer reviewed journal articles, most of them are listed here.

Overall she has 74 publications on these databases, 3200 citations in peer reviewed publications. Her “H Index” is 34 (that means I have 34 publications that have 34 or more citations). Her top publication on the heavy metal, Cadmium, has been cited 562 times in peer-reviewed publications with many more over 100.

She has also published chapters in Manson’s Tropical Diseases (5 editions) and a number of other medical/public health textbooks, also a chapter in press on “Enabling Environments” in one of the most popular public health textbooks in Australia.

Professor Haswell’s publications are across a range of fields including epidemiology, infectious diseases, chronic diseases, cancer epidemiology, hepatology, carcinogenesis, toxicology, radiology, parasitology, immunology, community-based infection control programs, health promotion, social science, HIV/AIDS, empowerment, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health, diabetes, mental health, social and emotional wellbeing, youth health.

She has taught Health Impact Assessment, Environmental impact assessment and risk assessment for over 10 years now. She has made substantive submissions and presentations into government inquiries and hearings on coal seam gas mining and longwall mining in NSW, including Sydney’s water catchment areas, and on shale gas mining in South Australia, the Northern Territory and Western Australia.

Understanding and responding to the potential health and wellbeing risks associated with unconventional gas mining in Australia

Health concerns associated with unconventional gas mining in Western Australia: a critical review

Health concerns associated with unconventional gas mining in rural Australia (Australia)–presentations-tabled/42-dr-melissa-haswell–doctors-for-the-environmentpdf.pdf (Narrabri) (NSW) (WA);; (NT)