The time has come to act for the Pilliga

UPDATE: 17/7/20 The IPC have released the list of Speaker registrations citing “overwhelming public response” with 404 registrations the virtual hearing will be extended by 2 days. The list is available here. Submissions/objections are now due on the 1st August, 2020.

UPDATE 21/6/20: The IPC is aware of an issue with the system that is not allowing people to register to speak via their website. They are working on fixing this ASAP. They have asked for people to download the pdf registration form and email it to them at

The long drawn out assessment process for the Narrabri Gas Project, an 850+ Coal Seam Gas well proposal to be focused in NSW’s Pilliga forest has nearly reached the end. You can view the report here.

This is the last chance that you will have to express your views on this hugely controversial and risky proposal. The proponent Santos and the NSW Government are trying to push the assessment process through via an online digital hearing.

We need you and all your friends to register today to speak out against this project which threatens the groundwater and the recharge zone of the Great Artesian Basin.

22,700 people originally submitted an objection to this State Significant Project which will open the door to gasfields across nearly 7% of New South Wales if approved.

Please act today and register to speak by clicking on this link. The IPC will hold its online digital hearing on 20-24 July 2020. This crucial action could help stop the spread of gasfields across NSW. You have a choice of speaking via an online portal or in person at the Crossing Theatre in Narrabri.

If you can make it, we look forward to welcoming you in Narrabri during the week 20-24 July.

Even more important, make sure you start thinking about your written submission which is due soon after the hearing is completed. To make sure your written submission, however long or short, is considered you must ensure it is unique, and not a copy and paste pro-forma. The Department of Planning has deemed any submissions not unique will not be counted!

We are here to support you to take this action. During the coming days information to help you will become available. You can contact us here at NWPA via email and by phone on 0416 077 753.

The deadline to lodge applications to speak is 10 July, 2020.

Please take this action of registering to speak today so that our voices can be heard by the Independent Planning Commission.

More info here as it becomes available

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  1. Beverley Chad Reply

    The US have documentation of the destruction to the environment and poisoning of waterways and aquifer’s. I have trained people for their Hr licensing who work in the gas fields in nth Qld. On questioning them, they commented that the gas fields are having an adverse effect on the environment and waterways.

  2. Kay Silver Reply

    Common sense must prevail. Insurance companies won’t ins

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