Coal Seam gas transforms the landscape profoundly. This time lapse, courtesy of Google Earth Engine, visualises the change in landscape from 1984 to 2020 on Queenslands’ Western Downs. The Condamine State Forest is located top left of the image – in 2003 you can begin to to see the footprint of construction and gradually the landscape is gridded as the industry expands.

Please be aware that this is just one section of extensive gas fields. The industry is on track to drill 30,000 wells in Queensland.

In Australia, the regulatory frameworks set by each State and Territory vary widely across the country. The State of Queensland distinguishes itself both with regard to its unconventional gas reserves and the approach to exploration. The existence of favorable conditions for enterprises, both geologically and in terms of regulation, has contributed to the rapid expansion of the industry

(Measham et al., 2019)

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