UPDATED: GasWatch resource booklet for groups and individuals visiting the Pilliga forest

As Santos prepare for Phase 1 appraisal and exploration of the Narrabri Gas Project we have updated this booklet to help interested members of the public understand what is happening and aid in monitoring of the Pilliga forest.

Since the approval of the Narrabri Gas Project in 2020 there has been renewed interest in spending time in the Pilliga forest. Not only to see and experience its incredible rugged beauty and diverse smorgasbord of flora and fauna, but to witness firsthand the gas mining practices of Santos.


Green policing and compliance monitoring are a necessary part of life at the frontline of gas expansion. Citizen monitoring and science can play a unique role, just the presence of people in the forest encourages the company to meet their regulatory obligations.

Santos are moving towards exploration and appraisal of Phase 1 Narrabri Gas Project in the Pilliga East State Forest. This booklet has been designed to aid monitoring, safely and effectively.

  • How to get around the forest
  • What to look for
  • How to prepare for a day in the forest
  • How to stay safe and well
  • Santos management plans and their requirements
  • Gasfield construction process
  • Location of gas infrastructure and future drilling locations
  • Glossary of terms

The booklet can be downloaded here

Please get in touch if you’d like more information about this resource or a higher resolution version for printing: northwestpa@protonmail.com

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