Whitehaven Coal’s water farming pipeline network under assessment by Planning, but it has already been built

Your chance to comment (read the letter to Mr. Jim Betts first).

Main points:

  • Resource Assessments branch of DPIE has waited until pipeline network and ancillary infrastructure completed, before retrospectively calling for Modifications of Maules Creek mine approval
  • During the construction period, DPIE relied solely on Whitehaven Coal’s alleged legal advice that the development did not require planning approval
  • By doing so, the DPIE has granted Whitehaven a benefit, in that they are now claiming a “continuing use” which would not have been possible had the DPIE conducted itself in accordance with its own Compliance Policy
  • DPIE has misunderstood its Compliance Policy by thinking that cutting red tape is their overriding responsibility over and above ensuring regulatory compliance
  • Whitehaven Coal water farming modification raises questions of corruption under ICAC Act.

URGENT LETTER 20 December 2019 to:
Mr Jim Betts, Secretary, Department of Planning, Industry and Environment, GPO Box 39, Sydney NSW 2001


Please submit your objection to these modifications to: Rose-Anne.Hawkeswood@planning.nsw.gov.au (click on images below for the documentation) or go to: https://www.planningportal.nsw.gov.au/major-projects/project/14591

Water farming pipeline infrastructure image by Leard Forest Research Node

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  1. Mirjana Reply

    In time when all Australia burning this is also on the face of all Australian leaving us without water and food for handful of $. Shame!!!

  2. David Marley Reply

    Arrogance and sense of entitlement fade into oblivion in the face of criminal activity like this. No more water for planet killing coal mines.

  3. Mora Main Reply

    Trucking water, a dwindling resource, to extract more fossil fuel which will further drive this perilous climate deeper into crisis. So irresponsible.

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