14th March 2018

VIDEO: Tanker spraying bitumen road

Two Significant Pollution Reports regarding the Santos Fairview tenement near Injune in Queensland have been reported to the Government Pollution Hotline in Queensland.

A waste water tanker was witnessed spraying material onto a bitumen road. The material had a strong and persistent odour, the tanker sprayed the road for several kilometres in the vicinity of a gas compression station and a coal seam gas drill rig. The tanker had no identifying marks and no licence plate.


In response to the tweet @SantosGLNG replied:

“In compliance with Santos’ Environmental Authority, clean water is sometimes used on bitumen in hot weather to protect the road surface and shoulders.” [Update: the @SantosGLNG account has been deactivated so we have included the screenshot of this tweet]


By Queensland standards the day was mild and the bitumen was under no threat of melting.

Earlier in the day a well – Fairview 103 – had been witnessed to be both visibly and audibly leaking gas and waste. There was a strong gassy odour. The area around the well on the ground was stained. The compliance tag was visible. Liquid could be seen emanating from the base of the polished rod. The steel around the fittings looked to be corroding.

The compliance tag stated: “New packers installed 14/1/14 Has required a nip up each day since FAV B2B! Polished Rod Pitted!!” and is signed by Ben Kelly on 16/1/18.

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