Nine Lives for our Planet drills down into community activism

A fascinating panel discussion between Sue Higginson MP, Shay Dougall, Jo Evans and John Watts discussing the vital role of community activism in protecting the environment and the threats to our right to protest.

This is a recording of the Avid Reader hosted event of the Brisbane Launch of Nine Lives for our Planet by author John Watts. Thank you to Christina Meyer for AELA for Mc’ing the talk, Sue Higginson, NSW Greens MLC, Shay Dougall, Landholder Advocate and Jo Evans, unconventional activist, for attending and answering questions on the night.

Welcome to Avid Reader
2:30 Christina Meyers from AELA introduction & Acknowledgement of Country
5:25 John Watts introduces Nine Lives and tells the back story of the book
Discussion of what “activism” looks like in the real world and the complexity of action
12:40 Sue Higginson on why she chose to go into the legal profession
19.10 Sue discusses why protest and civil disobedience and why it is necessary
21:38 Discussion on the gutting of civil rights and how the laws were changed in NSW to criminalise protest
26:30 Trajectory of protest laws 2014–present
27:50 Shay Dougall on the rights of farmers in regards to unconventional gas extraction
35:10 Jo Evans on the role of community in opposing unconventional gas and comments on the Pilliga campaign
40:00 Questions from the audience

Nine Lives for Our Planet by John Watts is available to be purchased here for $25:

Reviews of Nine Lives for our Planet state:

“John Watts introduces us to women who light up the darkness of the climate and extinction emergencies with their flair and stoic commonsense. Each has acted to take on the gas frackers, coal miners, native forest loggers, wildlife killers, water profiteers and their political agents.
They ring the bell of ecological sanity.
Uplifting. Motivating. Brilliant.”

Bob Brown

“A deeply moving account of courage, integrity, and compassion – from the stories of nine remarkable women. Be inspired, enraged, moved to tears and astonished by their life experiences. Women who have fought against injustice and corruption on many levels.
Having worked alongside some of these brave, dedicated friends, and colleagues, they have survived the gravity and intensity of their campaigns, keeping a strong and determined focus against all odds. It comes at a cost. This book is for women who continue to stand up all over the world. Thank you for your care, commitment, and love. Together, we are a powerful voice.”

Julie Lyford OAM – Chair Women’s Environmental Leadership Australia

“One of the important aspects of this book is that the author has not concentrated on the rich and famous – but on those who genuinely contribute to our collective life.
As I read the book, I became more and more interested in the absolutely fascinating early histories of these women who have all been very open about the problems in their younger lives; their sometimes-torturous family relations and their difficult economic conditions.
It’s fascinating to read about their lives as they pick up the various skills and passions they need for their later environmental activity. With their differing talents, they have variously worked behind the scenes, or acted as whistleblowers, or as frontline soldiers.”

Meredith Burgmann AM – Former President of the NSW Legislative Council, author, and activist

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