Roy Butler MP interview with Anna Christie: Friday 24th July 2020

Keith Spence, Chairman, answers a question on the CO2 content of #NarrabriGas at the Santos AGM 2020

More from the Pilliga! How can our government allow all these special places be surrounded by a gas field! Frack of Santos #sculpturesinthescrub #coonabarabran #pilliga #culture #gomeroi


A day in the Pilliga. A place that will be devastated if the IPC allow Santos to go ahead and produce CSG. The Pilliga is 1 million wild acres, the major recharge zone for the Great artesian Basin. I will share some great pics of our Convoy through the Pilliga. To be continued

As you can gather the Pilliga is a special place for us. This Coal Seam Gas fight has been happening for 10 years, we are down to the last few weeks. 8 days still open for submissions. It has had great impact on all walks of life here.

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