Gas is not the answer for the energy transition. The extraction, transport and burning causes serious health impacts at all stages. Let alone accelerating global warming. @RobStokesMP this is not the answer @DocsEnvAus #hunterahead @JulieLyford

New Mexico does not have a bigger friend in the methane fight than @TXsharon, and here she is in WSJ today.

She has put the nation's politicians behind her camera and made the invisible visible, right here in our state.

Let's tell her Thank You.

@GasHealth @DocsEnvAus @johnvanderkall1 @greencate @GregPiperMP @AlexGreenwich @drkerrynphelps @DrJoeMcGirrMP @PHAA_NSW @PHAA_Eco @AMA_NSW I don’t think so sorry! But here are some resources on these topics..

NEPM review

Health impacts of gas mining

Climate change & health

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