I am participating in a briefing re: new scientific findings on fracking, including cancer risk, for PA legislators, et al

I’ll be bringing both my identities with me: public health biologist + young adult cancer survivor overly familiar with bone scans pathology reports

Why I’m headed to Harrisburg tomorrow: 67 cases of childhood and young adult cancers in SW PA, the center of the Marcellus fracking boom.

Great reporting by ⁦@donhopey⁩ and ⁦@TEMPLETOONS⁩

Gov. Wolf considering childhood cancer investigation https://t.co/M84iZcmQBP

@justdanfornow When I worked in the impact assessment branch of QLD’s EPA, the dept had a ‘policy’ of not commenting on greenhouse gasses. Despite state legislation (based on ESD) and Australia’s obligations under Kyoto at the time. This is where the illegality began. #ClimateTrials #qldpol

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