@im4empowerment @debbie_fearon @barobertson111 @GasHealth @JulieLyford @RichieMerzian @_PHAA_WA @EDONSW What a legacy WA has; asbestos, elevated lead levels, now Chevron's contributions to the pollutant pile. When will governments learn? Development at any cost is costing our environment & our childrens' future.

Shocking - both the high potentially hazardous pollutants and carbon released by Chevron gas facility in WA &very weak position of govt on industry to take responsibility. https://t.co/NGsRm2Wtkf @barobertson111 @GasHealth @JulieLyford @RichieMerzian @_PHAA_WA @EDONSW

This statement here from Greg Sheridan is so far from the truth it’s not even funny @Australian @HyperbolicGreg #csg #auspol

Methane is a dangerous super polluter that stays in the atmos for ages, no way is it clean & green - see @TXsharon pinned tweet


DEA has recently released a comprehensive review of the evidence which concludes #gas is not the friend proponents want us to believe it is. https://t.co/DLlfyZqBum @im4empowerment @LockTheGate @FoEAustralia https://t.co/02bwlNntvS

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