@NWPAdvocacy Is there a weakness in legislation being used to wangle out of now the approval condition?
Is the existing legislation currently strong enough?

Santos want the NSW Government to give them a Pipeline Licence & fund the build - this is one of their pipelines at Beilba in Queensland #LiverpoolPlains #Pilliga #NarrabriGas


QGC claimed the application was lodged in error. Shay Dougall, Landholder Advocate from SWQLD says it’s unclear whether the substance (BTEX) is included in the ban on similar chemicals “We’d like some clarity about what the actual legislative ban is.”

An application by QGC and Shell to use BTEX-laced synthetic drilling muds during exploration has been averted following community opposition. It’s been withdrawn with the company claiming it was lodged in error.

Narrabri Gas Project:Santos boss Kevin Gallagher’s god complex —“I will build it”. A stab in the back for NSW. Santos forfeited 70% of its NSW exploration licences for the prize: #LiverpoolPlains our most productive farmland.Barilaro sold us out. #Insiders

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