What would you think if you knew that the very resource that makes your electricity costs so expensive provides little to no benefit to Australians economically or socially?

In fact the three experts who spoke to around 100 community members in Coonamble on Saturday 13th July, 2019 were scathing of the unconventional gas industry in regards to renewables, jobs, economic benefits (or impacts) and social consequences.

Bruce Robertson, Institute of Energy Economics and Financial Analysis presented on the Narrabri Gas Project and domestic gas market. Bruce doesn’t actually think there is an east coast domestic gas market. Australian Gas prices are globally uncompetitive and meanwhile global prices have collapsed… he conveyed all this and more in his presentation, Bruce points out developing high cost gas will not bring down the cost of gas for consumers, it will just embed high prices in the domestic market. {Soundcloud link to presentation}

Nicky Ison, Community Power Agency talked through ‘how to get off gas’. Nicky reiterates that “cheap renewable energy is the first ingredient, electrification of our homes and businesses is the 2nd ingredient”. Nicky believes that the transition away from gas is happening regardless of the governments seeming love affair with fossil fuels. This is mainly due to cost. She says the economics have changed and Australians love renewable energy with over 2.1 million solar households.
{Soundcloud link to presentation}

Mark Ogge from The Australian Institute speaks about the boom bust economics associated with unconventional gas mining. Mark explains in his presentation about the serious and widespread economic impacts of the unconventional gas industry. “If your aim as government is to provide jobs for people then oil & gas is the worst possible industry to be pushing”.
{Soundcloud link to presentation}

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